Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is what happens when prayers are answered.

(Ranting Post, move along. Really nothing to read here)
You Move! Again, for the seventh time in seven yearsAnd you take steps backward from the goals you have already reached.
House - Check!
Fenced back yard for puppies-Check!
Good Jobs for both of us- Check!
Living by/closer to family-Check!
Ward we love-Check!

I could keep going but I think you get my drift. Only kids. And no matter what we do it seems that the children keep getting further and further away. And everyone we know keeps getting more and more.

I just went through a year of emotional, hormonal torture. And now 2 surgeries; one very intense, reconstructive surgery. My Dr. called it the blue plate special because I got it ALL! Top them all off on the last 5 years of pain and saddness of trying for a baby and you can kind of get my drift. (Just so you know, you have to have been trying for a baby for more then 2 years to even consider yourself 'having trouble getting pregnant' 3 plus and you're infertile. Trying for a few months to a year doesn't count) 

So what do all of our prayers and wishes come to? Living back home with my parents. Sure its so we can save money. But when you tell people that your living with your parents what do they automatically assume? Well I'll leave that one up to you.

Adoptions and In vitro fertilization are so expensive. But the way I see it, its like in high school when some kids are given a car when they turn 16. They didn't earn it and there for don't fully appreciate it. Its the kids that work hard and save every penny for their very own car that love it more then anything else because they earned it. 

Having a baby isn't a right, it isn't something that should be taken for granted. Having a baby is a very precious, very important job that God gives you. It drives me crazy when people complain about their children. He won't stop crying, she gets into everything, Why can't I have a calm baby. SHUT UP! You have a child, and its hard. But you better love every single minute of it because you were given that wonderful gift, be grateful! 

I know this is what we should be doing, and I know it will all work out in the end. Thats what makes it so hard, I trust God knows what he is doing. Even though I keep asking him for Ice Cream Cones, he keeps handing out Porcupines. But who knows. Maybe one day I'll need a porcupine. 

Now if you didn't heed my warning and read this anyway. Don't think to badly of me please. Your life may be pretty much perfect and I know mine isn't, so please don't judge me. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


Aren't they sweet.  A week and half old and getting bigger! We love them so much, and even though Joey is having second thoughts, they are for sale. (we are not having 7 dogs)
So if anyone is interested they will be available at the beginning of October.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Puppies By Roxy!

I've had some people ask me to post pictures of Roxy now that shes about to pop. Not that you can really tell from a picture, but she's huge! Its so sad, she's hot and can't get comfortable. Yes I secretly (or out loud) laugh and mock a bit, but its only because I love her so much! I know she blames us for something, but she doesn't know quite what to blame us for; either ways shes been very affectionate and stand-offish. 
She should be having the cute puppies in about a week and a half. So if you know of anyone in the market for a fantastic, beyond good looking and well behaved lab, let them know I will have some soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Umm... Okay lets do this

There are many reasons for this title. First off its because Blog Spot changed... again, and the first words out of my mouth were...umm okay. Secondly, its been a while sense I last posted and I have a lot to catch you up on... so second umm alright lets dive in!

So with out further to do I present to you the last 4 months!!

So, these next three aren't in order, but they go together so nicely (sorry, but the bunny is sideways) 
Joey is... well we all know him, he is a bit out there some times, in a good way! He decided for his marketing for work he would dress up as the current holiday character.  
  First we have the Leprechaun! Irish indeed.
 Then comes Easter. What a dapper bunny!(top hat, tux and ears!)
 Whats more patriotic then Captain America for the 4th?
 Yes my husband is a bit peculiar, but I love him so much and will encourage him by making his costumes each time! Halloween is next, that should be fun.

For Joey boys birthday, we set off for the lovely (and exciting I might add) Lava Hot Springs. To bad we came in April when the town is still hibernating. Only four shops were open and two restaurants. And the hot springs of course, but they are open all year round.  Thank goodness one of the open shops was an ice cream parlor, we went every night. Square scoops, whats more awesome then that!
 This was our hotel. It was very nice and I would recommend staying here for a couple, not a family. Their bathtubs are bigger then most kiddie swimming pools. I could swim in ours! Took forever to fill up though.
 The Hot Springs! The nice ones anyway. The town does boast of quite a few spots to soak in a hot spring, but really they were kinda gross. These ones are taken care of and it was really nice.
 We hiked! Lots of good hiking.
 We also Geo Cached and found a couple. Doesn't he look happy, so cute.
 As I said before, the town was closed up so we had to find entertainment else where. Swan Lake did not provide that entertainment however, it lies! No Lake, None! So we were forced to drive into Pocatello, where we had the worst Tia food I've ever tasted. Don't go to the arm pit of Idaho for Tia food, just trust me on this.
 For Kimberly and Brent's second(or is it third?) anniversary they came up to visit us! We took them to the historic town of Idaho City. I'd never been there before and it reminded me of Pioneer Village at Lagoon, only not inside an amusement park. It smelled like it too.
 For appetizers and dessert we went to Barbacoa! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Um...sorry for shouting, I just really like this restaurant . Way to expensive to go to for anything other then a special occasion, but its so delicious!
 Now for more recent activities. Jill and her two adorable daughters came for a visit! I loved every single minute and now my house is much to quiet. Yes Jill, I enjoyed the noise. Lanea really bonded with Roxy on this trip, she was in Roxy's kennel more often then not, with Roxy. It was so sweet.
 I now no longer need to worry about my dog with children. She was so patient and calm with Lani and Zoey.
 Amber flew (if cars can fly) up to visit for about 24 hrs. I'm glad she was willing to do that, it was awesome.
So that was April-July. I know July isn't over yet, and there is more yet to come. Roxy girl is preggers and will be having puppies in August. Joey and I are still fighting the  no children problem and I'm scheduled for surgery (small surgery) in August. Kimberly will be having her baby the first of August and Lacey will be having hers at the end of August. So August will be VERY crazy and full of babies, but thats why it will be fun. 

Until next time, I'm your tour guide of this crazy Irish life and I'll see you later!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Faith

Warning this is going to be a rant blog. So buckle up.

I just finished reading Tigers Voyage by Colleen Houck. Against my will might I add. My wonderful aunt Kristen assured me that it would be better then the second book(this is book 3) . So I took her advice, put my name on the waiting list for it at the library and finally when it came I began to read.

Let me first give you an over view of what this book is about. It is about a young women named Kelsey who's an orphan after both her parents died when she was... I don't remember, old enough like 16, so she was only in the foster system for a couple of years. Anyway she meets a tiger, Ren,in a zoo, who she finds out later is an Indian prince with a curse. So long story short she is supposed to help him break this curse.
As any idiot can see, they fall in love during their adventures. Well in comes the other brother! Kishan who wasn't captured in a zoo and has been wild for as many centuries as his brother has been in a cage. In comes the love triangle.

Okay most of you are thinking, "That doesn't sound so bad, in fact I'll run right out and get it myself" Well that my friends would be a mistake. You see, this girl is a Mary Sue. If you aren't familiar with this term I'll enlighten you. It means, a girl who is too perfect, who can do anything, everyone loves her she can do no wrong, she has no faults whatsoever. She learns how to flawlessly fight and use her brand new powers in a week. Okay I'm a little wrong, she does get hurt quite a bit, but that's when everyone drops EVERYTHING and makes sure she's okay, even if they themselves are about to die.

And the two boys love her with a fierce passion that is, unbelievable at best, disgustingly emotional at worst (and I'm a romantic!) . And she strings them on. She says she's in love with Ren, but after certain circumstances happen, she feels betrayed by him and so she moves on to Kishan. And then back to Ren then back to Kishan. And in her head she keeps thinking "Well I'm passionately in love with Ren, he is my destiny, but what if he hurts me again, I'll be so hurt. I should stay with Kishan, he's never hurt me he's always been steady. He's the safe choice (she actually says, he's safe) But Ren is so handsome, and gorgeous with those blue eyes and tan body and....oh Yeah, Kishan is handsome too and I love him too...Ren's eyes...Oops Kishan is for me....I can't stop kissing Ren I just want to stare at him forever....Kishan won't hurt me'

On and On and ON!!! And yet she stays with Kishan because she promised she won't leave him alone. Come on we all know she's going to end up with Ren. And how doesn't Kishan see this? Who knows.

Okay there is so much more awfulness that I could go on and on about with these books, like how she describes every little detail and it takes pages! If I wanted a diving guide I would have picked one up, but thanks for telling me all about now I don't need one !

But what I'm really really sad about is that when I looked at all the other reviews of this book...People love it, there are no less then 3 stars and they all rave about how good it is and how they're going to cry because they have to wait for November for the next one to come out....Huh?

But now I get it. Its because of these clowns that horrible authors are allowed to be published. Its how Twilight and all the other cookie cutter YA books are getting out to the public! I'm seriously having trouble finding decent books to read. They are all turning in to this whiny Mary Sue love triangle from hell crap! I'd read the Adult books, but they get too steamy.

I've lost faith in Authors, and in those who read books. Maybe its just me, over twenty people love this book (I know its more then that) and I can't stomach it, so it might be me. But because people read it and love it, publishers are grabbing at anything that smacks of teenage love triangle romance and publish it before even thinking. So many horrible books are coming out and I wonder why?!
Because the books that are coming out are none other then Author wish fulfilment day dreams. Fantasies that belong only in your head. I'll admit, I've had day dreams where I'm Queen and everyone loves me and I'm the most beautiful women in the world and men are fighting over my hand in marriage. I also have gorgeous long hair, my body's perfect, I dress well, I can sing and dance and everyone wants to be my friend!! Don't you love those? Yeah me too, but not when your reading a book. Could you imagine how that book would be? You'd like to gag yourself with a spoon, I know I would. My eyes would roll so far back in my head, they'd probably never come back!

I know lots of Authors dream about the books they are writing, or others dream of the book and then write them down. But its another thing to entertain your personal fantasy and say, you know what I'll make it a book and everyone will love it! And I suppose those with out their own imaginations do love those books. That must be why people love them so much! Wow...Insight!

Am I making sense at all? I sure hope so, but its okay if I'm not.

Oh well, As long as there is Sharon Shinn and Georgette Heyer in the world, i will always have something to read. I just really hope this fade for love triangles goes away soon, I can't take it anymore.

End of Rant, thanks for listening!

Monday, March 12, 2012


<span class=tt1126591.jpg">

I can't tell you how much I love this movie! I'll be honest, the costumes are scanty, the songs suggestive and the acting is cheesy, but its all so Captivating!! I love the singing! and the costumes. I know they look like sluts but come on, I'm sure you wish you could dance like that too and get away with that out fit!

I've never been a big fan of Cher's but I've always loved Christina Aguilera, her voice, oh my gosh! I got it on Netflix about a month again when Joey was in Vegas for work and watched it 3 times that week. It has been in my head ever sense.

Now for 'Allysen-is-the-greatest-even-though-she's-crazy-and-extremely-moody-and-tends-to-cry-always-but-shes-still-pretty-and-she'll-be-off-the-drugs-soon' Day, Joey bought it for me!!! Silly Joey, you'll have those songs stuck in your head just like me soon. Only they will be driving him crazy instead of entertaining him. Oh well, I love it!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mindy Gledhill - Anchor

I have come to really like this singer. I wanted to post her video with her song. Keep Of the Faith, but there isn't one that I can find. So I urge everyone to look it up, on itunes or what have you, but that one is my favorite. This one is really good too, I hope you like it.